A Motorcycle, A Cigar Box Guitar and a Cigar, Life is Good!


  1. Debbie
    at · Reply

    Hey Chuck,

    All Dogs Go To Heaven is a great post. I don’t think there is anyone who can’t agree that losing our canine friends is a very painful experience. But your song is a great comfort to at least be able to hope that we’ll see our friends again!! Thanks

    • chuck wimer
      at · Reply

      Thanks for Checking out All Dogs Go To Heaven Deb, I am glad you liked it. I hope that this video will bring comfort to many who have lost their pets.
      Keep checking back to see what’s happening at Guitars and Cigars. While I am not yet doing shows, I think I will post about what is going into creating an awesome show.

  2. Paul
    at · Reply

    Awesome song Chuck. I’m not about to rush it. But I’m looking forward to seeing Trudy-Copper-penny, Sprocket, and Bamma

  3. Paul
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    Ever since I was young, I had been with different dogs at home. I also suffered from a numerous heartache every time one of my beloved dies. It never gets easy.

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