A Motorcycle, A Cigar Box Guitar and a Cigar, Life is Good!


  1. Paul
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    Pretty cool Chuck, I thought it was a joke at 1st. You sounded pretty good tho. It seams like the cigar box guitar has a little higher pitch (twang) if there is such a thing, than I’m used to hearing. All in all, pretty cool.

    • chuck wimer
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      Hi Paul: Thanks for checking out So, what is a cigar box guitar. Yeah, I was kinda skeptical at first. The thing with the cigar box, is that there isn’t a lot of mass to it, so it is mostly a digital sound through an amp, the other thing is which strings from the guitar you use. I am going to be playing around with different keys, which are determined by which 4 strings from the 6 strings you get in a pack of guitar strings you use.
      All that to say, it’s a rustic, primitive instrument!

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